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For 2017 and beyond Thomas has joined the supremely experienced Andy Priaulx Sports Management elite drivers program for full career guidance, support and development on and off track. The handpicked coaches and partners have a lifetime of knowledge and provide the associated drivers with a platform to optimise their on track performance and in turn their future career path and potential earnings.

"Thomas is undoubtedly a real breath of fresh air in British and European Motorsport.

Having worked with him in his inaugural year in British Formula 3, Thomas has proven to be a unique talent; quick, engaging, committed and dynamic.

A laid back character, Thomas is a delight to work with. What has impressed me most is his determination and positive mental attitude, he is able to take on board information and apply it effectively, always looking for an opportunity to improve himself; both in and out of the car! Thomas has an insatiable thirst for success, and no doubt that will take him far.

For 2017 we will be enhancing Tom's development as a Motorsport athlete by
introducing Olympic standard training, central to this will be working closely with Dr Ben Chell who is lead psychologist for the English Institute of Sport who oversee British Olympic Sport."


John Pratt

Performance Director 
Andy Priaulx Performance Management


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